Product Test Reports

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Airflow Test

The encasement’s ability to allow air to escape through the fabric when the encasement is completely closed contributes to its ability to regulate the mattress temperature to avoid a hot, sweaty sleep.

  • CleanRest PRO Max is designed with vented ends to allow a tremendous amount of air to escape the encasement. This feature is critical to the comfort of the guest as the temperature of the mattress is regulated as to avoid the uncomfortable HOT BED feeling caused by encasements with 6 sides of waterproof panels.
  • Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip Smooth: The waterproof membrane used on all six panels of AllerZip Smooth are not air permeable, which means the bed will trap warm air and sleep hot.

Airflow Test Results PDF

Allergen Permeation Prevention Test

CleanRest mattress and pillow encasement fabric material were tested for its ability to prevent the spread of dust mites and allergens. Based on the testing protocol conducted, the CleanBrands material appeared to prevent the permeation of allergens.

Airflow Test Results PDF

Bed Bug Bite-Proof Test

CleanRest mattress and pillow encasement fabric were tested to determine if bed bugs could pierce the fabric and bite a human subject’s forearm. None of the bed bugs tested were able to bite through CleanBrands’ fabric sample.

Airflow Test Results PDF

Bed Bug Escape-Proof Test

The Zip-N-Click® on the CleanRest pillow and mattress encasements was tested for its ability to prevent bed bug escapes.

  • No bed bugs in the Zip-N-Click test escaped
  • An average of 53% of the bed bugs in the control containers escaped

Bed Bug Escape Proof Test PDF

Breathability Test

Breathability is the ability of the mattress encasement’s sleep surface to transfer moisture vapor (fine body sweat and heat) away from the body to prevent a build-up of body heat at the sleep surface. A build-up of moisture vapor will create a sweaty, uncomfortable night’s sleep.

CleanRest PRO transfers more than twice as much moisture vapor away from the sleep surface than Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip Smooth:

  • CleanRest PRO transfers 7575 grams/square meter/24 hours.
  • Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip Smooth transfers 3148 grams/square meter/24 hours.

Breathability Test Results - CleanRest vs Protect-a-Bed PDF

Fabric Strength Test

Encasements are subject to snagging, tears, and punctures. As a result, fabric durability is critical to ensure your mattress and boxspring remain protected. CleanRest fabrics are designed to last 10 years of normal wear and tear; installing, everyday usage, washing, and reinstallation.

  • CleanRest PRO fabric can withstand 99 lbs/square inch.
  • Protect-A-Bed BugLock Plus can only withstand 80 lbs/square inch.

Burst Test Results PDF

Burst Test Comparison - Protect-A-Bed PDF

Flame Retardant Test

CleanRest mattress and pillow encasement fabric material were tested to determine the degree of difficulty required to cause combustion and performance criteria for fire protection standards.

Flame Retartdant Test PDF

REACH Compliance Certification

REACH-Compliance-Certificate PDF

Seam Slippage Test

Failed seams not only allow bed bugs to either enter or escape the encasement, failed seams are also the #1 cause of mattress encasement failure. Our approach is to double stitch the zipper tape to the encasement and use binded seams along the body of the encasement to guarantee seam integrity. Unfortunately, Protect-A-Bed uses a single stitch, which fails with 7lbs of pulling force, to attach their zipper tape to the encasement.

  • CleanRest PRO zipper tapes are double stitched to the encasement.
  • Protect-A-Bed zipper tapes are single stitched to the encasement. Fails with 7lbs of pulling force.


Surface Flammability Test

CleanRest mattress and pillow encasement fabric were tested to measure and compare the surface flammability of materials when exposed to a prescribed level of radiant heat energy. The standard test method is intended for use in measurements of the surface flammability of materials exposed to fire.


Ticking Substitution Procedure

CleanRest mattress and pillow encasement fabric were tested to determine its ignition resistance when exposed to a lighted cigarette. 


Virus Barrier Protection

CleanRest patented MicronOne® fabrics used in pillow encasements, mattress encasements, and mattress protectors achieved U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highest classification of barrier performance (Level 4).

Vartest Laboratories of New York, NY performed and certified CleanRest’s MicronOne fabric passing of ASTM F1671 Viral Penetration Test on April 8, 2020.  


CleanRest PRO-Level-4-PPE-Test

Washability Test

Our CleanRest PRO waterproof mattress encasement was put through the ringer (laundry cycle) 10 times using 160 degree water to confirm the integrity of our products.

The result: No noticeable change, nor any delamination of the waterproof membrane.

CleanRest Wash Test: 160 Degrees, 10 cycles

Zipper Strength Test

Zipper failure is one of the leading causes of encasement failure and warranty claims within the product category. Failed zippers allow bed bugs access to their preferred nesting areas. For this reason, CleanRest encasements are designed with strong #5 zippers to ensure the encasement performs as intended for the expected life of the product.

CleanRest zippers are more than twice as strong as Protect-A-Bed zippers.

  • CleanRest PRO: Zipper breaks off at 62 lbs of force.
  • Protect-A-Bed: Zipper breaks off at 27 lbs of force.